Welcome, and thanks for wanted to get in touch with me! But before you do, there’s a few things I’d like you to know.

First of, before you send your message, make sure you selected the right topic. Feedback, Business or Just saying Hi. This way I can get back to you a lot quicker with a more accurate reply 🙂

Now, what each topic means.

  • Feedback – Use this if you’d like to give some feedback for our page, what we should do differently, what you like/dislike. Please try to be constructive instead of negative. Both positive and negative feedback is welcome if it’s a constructive one, that we can use to improve the page.
  • Business – This is for business inquiries. Promotions, collaboration and so on. Before you send a business inquiry, please make sure you check our stats and rates. After that, make sure you include as much information as possible, so we can get to business as fast as possible, instead of asking questions such as “what’s your business about” or “what would you like to promote”.
  • Just saying Hi – This is where you can say hi to me, start a general conversation. I love to connect with my community, but these are busy times, so its not easy to reply to every comment and direct message. But I’m trying my best, so feel free to send a message my way 🙂

And of course… be a human. Don’t spam.